Standard Socket for Pick and Place Handler

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Standard Socket for Pick and Place Handler


NHK SPRING provides a wide variety of standard sockets for Pick-and-Place type of handlers such as BGA, LGA, QFP, QFN, and SOP sockets.
NHK SPRING is also competent to make custom designs to fit customer’s specific requests.
Fine Pitch Socket
NHK SPRING core technology enables us to meet growing demand for high density and fine pitch interconnect.
NHK SPRING high performance socket is available for 0.3mm pitch to fit high density IC in smaller semiconductor package.
NHK SPRING has successfully developed finer pitch vertical probe technology for wafer sort applications.
Floating Nest
NHK SPRING contactor set is Floating Nest.
This Floating Nest is used to align
DUT (IC) into the socket and to
improve alignment accuracy for leads
and solder balls.
NHK SPRING recommends the use of guide
plates as initial alignment tool for
DUT body, and use this Floating Nest
to further align leads, and solder
balls to pins for correct position,
avoiding stacking or damaging DUT.
Guide Plate
Handler needs Guide Plate to help
plunger DUT alignment into the
Accuracy and material stiffness is the
key characteristic for Guide Plate.
NHK SPRING high-accuracy Guide Plate is
made from stiff durable material.
Multi Site Test
One efficient way to increase handler
throughput is using Multi Site Test,
where a small socket footprint is a must.
NHK SPRING designs and manufactures a
custom or integrated socket for Multi Site Test.

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