TestPro (TPS) Pin and Technology

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TestPro (TPS) Pin and Technology


Using NHK SPRING patented vertical spring pin technologies and NHK SPRING developed custom material technology.
TestPro introduces: TPS
Testpro co-developed with NHK SPRING and launch The VIP pins range!
We aim to cater for the highly demanding test environment at a competitive cost – with focus on quality product. 
We are able to provide solutions for all testing platform and handler type.

The REAL Vertical Spring Pins!

The original spring pins that does not have barrel 
Outside OR Inside!
Using homogenous Alloy compound tips contacting with DUT and PCB, linked by SUS base REAL Spring Technology (Patented) developed by Spring expert-NHK SPRING.
We offer our customers a true vertical pin for testing all your devices requirement.
•Eliminating pin tip “Plating” wearing off: We use Alloy.
•Eliminating pin tip abrasion against “Pin Barrel” results in barrel “Flare Up”: Causing Misalignment and Cres increase.
•Single Continuous signal path by compressed springs technology: to prevent Coil element.
REAL pre-load on PCB side upon socket mounting so as to prevent Pad digging. 

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