Probe Specs

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Probe Specs
  NHK SPRING has an unique design probe pin named Socket pin for Wafer Level Test, Wafer Level Burn-In, and Final Test Socket.
  <NHK SPRING Socket pin barrel-less design has a longer life>
In general, pogo pin has a barrel to support the plunger but in real application this plunger
  and barrel will eventually scrub each other and make it easy to wear.
NHK SPRING Socket pin does not have any barrel and the pin is nestled inside the socket housing 
  <A better electrical characteristic>
NHK SPRING Socket pin consists an original coil spring design with two portions.
The active (compressible) portion of the spring provides the force to contact.
The plunger is located inside the fixed portion of the spring that allows the electric current
  flowing through a solid spring (as a short rod) nicely without any losses.
The electric current does not flow through the active coil.
The unique structure contributes greatly to a very low inductance (min of 0.6nH) and a 
  very minimum insertion loss.
  <Variety of the pin tip geometry, materials and tight pitch capability> 
NHK SPRING has a wide variety of the pin tip geometry, materials and surface finished to 
  fit the customer requirements.
NHK SPRING Socket pin is capable for 140um pin pitch application.

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