Manual Lid

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Manual Lid


Air Funnel Lid


NHK SPRING has designed a dual-function Air Funnel Lid. The handle will push down DUT into the socket while the screw provides limited height adjustments to better control the contact force to socket.

Air Funnel&rsquo;s unique design catches air from thermo streamer to control DUT&rsquo;s temperature.



Two Motion Lid

NHK SPRING Two Motion Lid is one of the easiest and most adjustable manual actuators in the market. It allows operators to quickly change DUT by just turning the handle.

This lid offers a pusher force adjustment feature.



Clip On Lid


NHK SPRING Clip On Lid has a simple structure that latches on each side of lid for easy operation.

The pusher has coil springs to push DUT lead and make a good contact to pins.


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