About Us


TestPro Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) is the exclusive distributor of NHK Spring Co., Ltd (Japan), distributing Microcontactor and related products in Europe and Asia-Pacific, with offices in Malaysia, Thailand, China, Philippines and Germany.

NHK's unique Microcontactor pins are the heart for state-of-the-art Test Sockets and Vertical Probe Cards with flexible designs, electrical superiority, outstanding performance, ultimate mechanical strength, extra-long lifespan and greatest stability and reliability.

From prototyping to mass production, from low-end to high-speed apps, from single DUT to high-parallel and even Full Wafer test, we offer the tools for you to optimize your test costs.

Product and Services:
Frontend: Wafer and FULL Wafer Level probecard, Wafer Level Burn-in Probecard

Backend: Logic & Memory Test Sockets, fine-pitch Kelvin (p0.2mm), RF sockets, Strip test & thermal/automotive sockets.

Service and maintenance, design and innovate contactor solutions.

TestPro - Build by Passion!

Sales & Distribution of Semiconductor Test Interfaces



   To provide testing solutions and product superior quality using NHK and TPS Technological advantages!


   To establish a global existence for Sales support, Technological Co-development and On-site support for our valued
   customers. We provide design & build capabilities & technical support locally and globally.